I Sell Plastic Scrap In Salt Lake City UT To Make Spending Money

I sell plastic scrap in Salt Lake City UT to make some extra money. Generally speaking I spend about an hour a day collecting plastic and make one trip a week to the recycling plant that purchases my plastic scrap. A good week can yield upwards of $100 when I sell plastic scrap in Salt Lake City UT and a bad week typically yields about $20. Although this may not seem like a lot of money it is enough for me to be able to do a few things that I would not typically be able to afford, such as rent a movie, get a pizza, and take my daughter to the fair. Recently I got creative and decided to put an ad in my local newspaper offering to haul away any plastic material or junk for free. The ad was fairly inexpensive and I didn't expect much of a response. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got four calls the same day that the ad was in the newspaper! Each caller had a whole trailer full of plastic items to haul away. In general a trailer full of plastic scrap is worth about $100 so you can imagine just how happy I was to get nearly four free trailer fulls of plastic scrap!