What To Do If Your Well Pump Stops Working

The pump in your well is responsible for pushing the water from the bottom of the well to your home. If the pump is not working, there is no other way to get to the water, and a well pump repair service will need to determine what is wrong with the pump. No Water One of the most common issues that can indicate a problem with your well pump is no water coming into your home. Read More 

Why Direct Sunlight Is So Bad For LDPE Storage

LDPE plastic sheeting is an inexpensive and durable product that's suitable for food storage and similar purposes. However, LDPE is known for having lower heat resistance and having a tendency to suffer damage when left in direct sunlight for too long. If the LDPE sheets are stored indoors, you might not think that the sun would be that much of an issue, but they can still get heated through glass and because of the ever-present UV rays. Read More