Needing The Help Of Electrical Contractors In Anchorage AK

The home that my husband and I bought was a pretty old home, so it did not surprise us when some of our electrical outlets stopped working. We knew that we needed to get them fixed but because they were more annoying than anything we just kept putting it off, but one day a few of our overhead lights would not turn on and that is when we decided it was time to look for electrical contractors in Anchorage AK. My husband asked me to get a list of available electrical contractors in Anchorage AK so that he could check their references and find one to hire. My husband decided on an electrical contractor a few days later, and he scheduled to have him come out and take a look at all of the electrical wiring throughout our home. The electrical contractor came back into our home to talk to my husband about the electrical wiring, and he told us that the problem we were having is that mice were chewing through the wires. Our electrical contractor was able to replace all of the wires that had been chewed through, but he told us to get an exterminator to take care of the mouse problem or else they would just chew through the wires again.