5 Tips for Using a Roll Off Dumpster During Rainy Weather

Often, your home repairs or office clean out has to be completed when you planned, even if inclement weather strikes. Working in the rain can put a damper on your mood, but there are several ways that you can protect yourself and make your garbage removal easier, even during wet weather. Below are a few tips to consider if it is raining when using your dumpster delivery. 

Choose a Solid Surface for Placement

Generally, a dumpster can be placed on any even surface, including your lawn or a dirt road. However, if there is a chance of rain, you will want to select harder surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete, to place the dumpster on. The street or your driveway make better options. This is because rain can turn dirt into mud, causing your dumpster to sink and get stuck. This will make it much more difficult to remove later on.

Make Sure Your Dumpster Is Not in a Potential Flood Area

If you live in an area where flash flooding is possible, then you will want to make sure that dumpster is placed in an area where it will be less likely to be affected by flooding. For example, on the top of a slope instead of at the bottom of a hill or in a valley. Dumpsters can be light when they are empty and their large surface area can make them susceptible to being pulled away by flooding water. 

Even if you do not expect flash floods, you should be careful to place the dumpster in an area where water can easily drain away. You do not want to have to stand in water in order to fill your dumpster. 

Keep Your Dumpster Covered With a Tarp 

Rain can soak into your waste material, making it heavier. Since dumpsters have weight limits as well as volume limits, wet material can reduce the amount of material your dumpster can hold. To keep your waste material dry, you should tie a tarp over your dumpster and only lift the tarp if you are actively loading the dumpster. If you have a walk-in dumpster, you will not need to lift the tarp until the dumpster is almost completely full. 

Place the Dumpster as Close to the Project Site as Possible

It is always a good idea to place a dumpster as close to your work site as possible. However, sometimes it is more convenient for a dumpster to be placed on the street instead of in your driveway. If there is the potential for rain, forgo this convenience and have the dumpster placed as close to your door or your trash site as possible. This way, you may be able to tie a tarp to extend from the project site to the dumpster to allow you to work without getting wet. 

Follow Wet Weather Advice for Sports

While you are loading the dumpster, you may be tempted to put on a heavy raincoat to keep from getting wet. However, a raincoat can cause you to sweat, overheat, and become uncomfortable. Since loading waste material is a highly physical activity, you should consider taking some tips from sports enthusiasts such as runners or cyclists who continue their activities even in wet weather. For example, you may choose to wear less clothing but opt for wicking material instead of cotton. Also, you may simply realize you will get wet and, instead of trying to prevent it, accept it and prepare to talk a hot shower after you have completed your task. 

If you have rented a dumpster and it begins raining, you can still complete your task on schedule. Simply follow the above tips for wet weather. For more information or assistance, visit resources like http://parksandsons.com.