Seven Solid Reasons To Use Natural Spray Foam Materials In Your Home

There are all kinds of reasons to insulate your home using green spray foam products. Superior to traditional insulation, natural spray foam materials insulate better and cost less than other products on the construction market, and they shave significant dollars off the cost of heating and cooling your home. If you haven't yet tried poly green foam as home insulation, here are seven good reasons why it's time:

1. Poly Green Foam Has a High R-Value

A high R-value simply means that a material has a higher thermal resistance; the higher the R-value, the slower the material loses heat. Good heat retention makes for a warm house in winter and a cool house during the summer. Spray foam insulation is a good choice of insulation for anyone who wants to save money on heating and cooling. 

2. Natural Spray Foam Materials Are Resistant to Insects and Mold

Spray foam is pumped into framed-out cavities as a liquid, which then solidifies. This makes it nearly impervious to insect damage. Additionally, this type of insulation is a non-organic compound that makes it naturally moisture resistant. No moisture means no harmful mold spores to circulate throughout your home and cause respiratory problems for your family. 

3. Foam Insulation Helps Improve the Air Quality Inside Your Home

Spray foam insulation seals air leaks through which pollen and other contaminants can enter. It keeps the air inside your home at a more stable temperature as well. Because the foam expands as it cures, it fills even the smallest openings easily and without extra work. 

4. Poly Green Foam Helps Deaden the Transfer of Noise From Room to Room

Once installed inside the walls of your home, green spray foam products expand, cure, and harden, forming a solid foam barrier between rooms. This acts as an excellent noise insulator to keep out the sounds of traffic, noisy neighbors, and more. From room to room, your home will be quieter as well. Better soundproofing means more privacy for family members, and it may even help increase the resale value of your home. 

5. Spray Foam Doesn't Shift

Because of how it's applied and how it expands to fill the entire frame of the cell, you never have to worry about foam insulation shifting inside your walls. Once installed, it stays where you put it, unlike those fiberglass panels of old. 

6. Foam Insulation Is Deceptively Easy to Install

Spraying foam insulation is an easy job. It can typically be completed in a single day or less, depending upon the size of the project. Easy application equals affordable labor—good news when you're in the midst of a pricey home renovation. 

7. Today's Foam Insulation is Eco-Friendly

While spray foam may have once contained harmful chemicals capable of making your family sick, today's versions are much kinder on both the planet and on the family who lives in the house. As recently as 2011, manufacturers were making spray foam that contained chemicals called isocyanates that were capable of sickening both the person applying the foam and anyone who stayed to breathe it in. Those who have spray foam materials for sale, however, are quick to explain that there's a window of 24 hours where you need to be out of your house during and after application. This gives the foam time to cure, after which it's typically considered safe. The EPA continues to investigate the use of spray foam materials and has found no solid reasons not to use this form of insulation that offers so many benefits.

If you're in the middle of a home renovation, talk to your contractor today about the advantages of insulating with poly green foam