Top Tips for Drawing New Talent into Injection Molding

Attracting quality talent is a top issue among many plastics manufacturers, especially as competition increases among companies for a dwindling pool of well-trained technicians. As a result, recruiters must be ready to face the challenge of finding the right candidate in a market where the talent ultimately calls the shots. Fortunately, recruiters can do their part to encourage and attract current skilled talent to their companies as well as build the foundation for their company's future workforce.

The following offers a few helpful tips for recruiters to consider as they attract new talent into the fold.

Be Prepared to Sell Your Company

In order for candidates to take interest in your job listings, they must understand the benefits of joining the company as a valued member. That means being prepared to "sell" your company to your top talent. Consider the recruitment process as the sales floor and the candidate as a customer looking to make a major purchasing decision, with your talent looking to buy into the company by offering their services and expertise. Any claims made in support of the company should be backed with verifiable data that candidates can easily evaluate and utilize to make their decision.

It also helps practice the consultative selling strategy during the interview process. By asking the right questions, recruiters can learn more about their talent, including what matters most to them in achieving their career goals. With this information, recruiters can effectively demonstrate how joining the company ultimately benefits the talent. This use of strategic questioning can provide unique insights for both the recruiter and talent.

Be Prepared to Move Quickly

In today's current recruitment climate, time is of the essence when it comes to vetting potential candidates. The candidates themselves may have multiple offers on the table. It's not uncommon for recruiters to miss out on valuable talent because they weren't prepared to move quickly. For this reason, the interview process should be structured so that the first and second interviews can be conducted with little delay in between.

You should also consider using the latest in video-conferencing tools to stay in contact with top candidates. Using these mobile tools allows traveling recruiters to stay on the move without missing a beat, sidestepping scheduling issues that could result in lost opportunities.

Don't Just Think Outside of the Box—Look Outside of It Too

Searching for A-list talent involves more than creating a job listing. As a growing number of manufacturers compete for a shrinking pool of talent, looking beyond the usual sources can unearth an unexpected vein of new and seasoned talent.

As Sherry Baranek of MoldMaking Technology magazine notes, a number of mold manufacturers are tapping into a growing pool of retired workers, many who still possess valuable skills and training from their former positions within the industry. Most of the retired workers mentioned in Baranek's article are working part-time in various capacities, learning new skills while helping companies cope with shortfalls in the talent pipeline.    

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many manufacturers are also looking to the nation's youth for new talent. A growing number of companies and trade associations are reaching out to local high schools and community colleges, offering apprenticeships to young adults interested in a career in manufacturing. By hiring inexperienced yet motivated people and providing comprehensive hands-on training in-house, mold manufacturers can cultivate new talent and surmount skilled-labor shortages.

As Baranek notes, one company sought out younger talent through a variety of networking opportunities, including summer camps, career nights, and high-school tours. These events gave recruiters for molders an opportunity to meet and recruit young adults into the apprenticeship pipeline.