What To Do If Your Well Pump Stops Working

The pump in your well is responsible for pushing the water from the bottom of the well to your home. If the pump is not working, there is no other way to get to the water, and a well pump repair service will need to determine what is wrong with the pump.

No Water

One of the most common issues that can indicate a problem with your well pump is no water coming into your home. When the water in the pressure tank gets low, the well pump should come on and refill the tank so that you have a good supply of water in your home at all times. 

If there is no water when you turn on a faucet, the well pump may not be functioning correctly, and you will need to call a well pump repair service to come and investigate the problem. 

There are several reasons for not getting water into the home, including a well pump failure, the switch on the pressure tank malfunctioning, or low water levels in the well. In any of these situations, well pump repair services are the first place to start, and they can help you determine the cause of the problem. 

Water System Inspection

The first thing the well pump repair service will do when they arrive at your home is inspect the pump system to determine where the problem is. Often the things outside the well, like the pressure switch and the wiring to the well are checked first to ensure the problem is not outside the well. 

The next step is to check the well, and the easiest way to do that is to bypass the switch and run power directly to the well pump. If the pump does not come on, then the well pump repair service will need to pull the pump out of the well for further inspection. 

Removing the pump from the well takes some work, especially for deep wells, but once on the surface, the well pump is easier to test. If the pump is faulty or damaged, the well pump repair service will replace it for you. Most submersible well pumps are rated for seven to ten years of use before they need to be replaced, so if the well is older than that, it is more than likely a failure of the pump, and no repair to the unit is possible. 

The well pump repair service can replace the pump with a larger unit if needed or put a direct replacement in the well for you. Once the new pump is in place, the service will test it and ensure everything is working correctly.