How Soundproofing Jackets Can Help Reduce Industrial Noise Levels

If your company runs several loud industrial machines, you will need industrial soundproofing insulation. You can get soundproofing in various forms. For individual machines, soundproofing jackets may be an ideal choice. Here is more information about soundproofing jackets, their materials, and their benefits.

What Are Soundproofing Jackets?

Soundproofing jackets also go by names like acoustical soundproofing, acoustical jackets, or sound blankets. These industrial insulation products come in several forms. One of the most common forms is a straight blanket or curtain. You can place this curtain in front of your machine or between your machines to create sound barriers.

Another form of machine soundproofing is a wrap or jacket. These products fit around your machine. Some blankets are custom-fit for your equipment. Soundproofing jackets allow for easy access while still reducing noise.

What Are Soundproofing Jackets Made of?

Soundproofing jackets use insulating fire or heat-resistant material. Common materials include vinyl, fiberglass batting, and high-heat silicone. Some may also use cotton batting. Many jackets appear quilted. They usually don't require specialized care.

What Are the Benefits of Soundproofing Jackets?

The main reason for installing sound-insulating jackets is their benefits. Here are some examples of why you should soundproof your industrial equipment.

To Conform to OSHA Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that you have a safe workplace. Excessive noise can harm employee health. OSHA sets the maximum noise levels and conditions in your workplace. By soundproofing your equipment, you help reduce noise to legal levels.

To Make Your Employees More Comfortable

In addition to preserving your employee's hearing, lower noise levels can make your employees more comfortable. Even if the noise is not nigh enough for hearing damage, it can take a toll. High noise levels can create stress and even affect sleep patterns.

To Keep Exterior Noise Levels Down

If your company's location is close to residential and commercial facilities, it could disturb other people. Some people may make formal complaints about the noise level. By reducing the amount of noise inside your building, you can keep peace with your neighbors.

In addition, soundproofing jackets offer other benefits not directly related to keeping the noise down. For one, you can easily remove these jackets if you need to replace or rebuild your machine. You can also reuse them on a new machine. They are also very durable, so you won't have to replace them unless they become damaged.

Soundproofing jackets are one of many ways to insulate your machines against noise. Most industrial soundproofing jackets have designs that don't hinder your use of the machine. For more information about insulation for your industrial machines, contact an industrial insulation services company, like Axios Industrial Group.