How Companies Can Better Manage Transformer Recycling

If you know for certain transformers on your site can't be used again, you might as well get rid of them and scrap their parts. You'll do better with this recycling process from start to finish if you use these strategies to your advantage.

Go Through and Find Parts Still in Good Condition 

Even though a transformer may not be useable on your site anymore, there still could be parts that can be repurposed. You should go through these transformers to find said parts because then instead of throwing them away, you can turn around and sell them for a profit.

Maybe it's the tank, cooling lines, or temperature gauge. You'll just want to review the current layout of your transformers so that you have an easier time going through parts to see what can be used still and turned into profit. Then you can get with sellers and make some money.

Find Out Who Can Drain the Oil

Most transformers will have oil to stay running efficiently. This substance has to be removed before the transformer is broken down and moved to a recycling plant. You need to see if you can deal with this substance yourself or if you have to hire a special transformer recycling company.

Then you won't be put in danger or have to worry about facing any legal consequences because of your disposal techniques. If you're not sure what type of oil you're dealing with, have it tested. Then if it comes back for hazardous materials, you'll know to let a professional contractor deal with oil drainage and removal.

Review Disposal Procedures for Specific Transformer

There are a lot of different transformer types that exist today. Some of the more common include isolating, distribution, solid-state, grounding, and oil-cooled transformers. It's important to make a note of this particular detail because there may be specific disposal procedures you need to follow through with.

For instance, a particular type of transformer may have harmful materials and chemicals that you need to handle with extreme care. As long as you do your due diligence researching these transformer-specific disposal protocols, you won't run into trouble.

As soon as transformers aren't useable resources around your worksite, go ahead and dispose of them so that you don't have to worry about these structures creating hazards. As long as you perform the right routines when breaking these transformers down and moving them, you won't have any regrets. Contact a transformer recycling service in your area for more information.