Location Matters: Why You Need Help Finding The Location For Your Water Well

If you need to dig a new well, make sure you start with the right location. Choosing the wrong location could leave you with a limited water supply. Or, it could interfere with water quality. One way to avoid problems with well location is to hire a well service. The well service can locate the right spot for your well before they start digging. Not sure you need help finding the right location for your residential water well? Read the list provided below. Here are three ways a well service can help avoid problems with the location of your new well.

Soil Contaminants

If you're going to dig a well on your property, you want to make sure that the soil isn't contaminated near the dig site. Contaminated soil can cause hazardous conditions for your water supply. That's because contamination can seep into the groundwater near the well. Avoid that risk. Have your soil tested before choosing the final location for your water well. A professional well service can take care of the testing for you. 

Groundwater Flow

If you're looking for the right location for your water well, you need to know which water the groundwater flows. If you choose the wrong location, groundwater flow could bring pollutants into your water supply. This is especially true if your well gets located downstream from a polluted site. Some of those sites include pastures and industrial businesses. When you hire a well service, they'll map the groundwater flow for you. That way, your well doesn't get dug downstream from pollution. 

Land Structure

If you need to dig a well, make sure you know what's going on below the surface. This is especially important with regard to rocks and utility lines. Digging through rocks and utility lines could slow down the project. Digging through power lines could create bigger expenses and headaches for you. That's why you need to hire a professional well service to choose the right location for your water well. A water well service will map your property before they start digging your new water well. This mapping process will identify land contours, underground utility lines, and rock formations. As an added benefit, your well service will also mark property lines. This will ensure that your new well gets dug on your property. 

Don't choose the wrong spot. Use a well service to choose the location for your new water well. For more information on well water site locating, contact a professional near you.