Adding Aluminum Railings Around Your Outside Deck

Adding a deck to your home is an excellent way to create an outdoor living space. Because most decks are several feet off the ground, adding a railing around them for safety is crucial, and aluminum deck railing kits can offer you a modern feel while providing the safety necessary for your deck.

Railing Options

Aluminum deck railing kits are available in several styles and color options. Some railings use cables between the uprights to ensure nothing can get through the railing, others have aluminum slats in the space, and some kits use tempered glass panels for a more open and modern look. 

The aluminum railing and uprights are lightweight but very durable. Most of these kits are extruded aluminum and will stand up well to the weather for many years. These railing systems do not require much maintenance, and you never need to paint or seal the railings because the color is added when the manufacturer forms the aluminum rails.

Railing Installation

Aluminum deck railing kits typically come with all the hardware and instructions to install them on your deck. However, if you are not comfortable doing the work, you can hire a contractor to install a new railing around the deck for you. 

If you already have the railing kit, most contractors will install it for you. If you do not have the railing kit yet, there are some commercial aluminum deck railing systems available that the contractor may recommend for your deck. If you have a railing installation company in the area, you may want to have them install the railing, but taking the time to do some research is an excellent place to start. 

Local Codes

Before you select an aluminum deck railing system for your new deck, check the local building codes to ensure they allow this kind of railing in your area. Because the deck railing is a safety feature of your deck, the building codes often specify the height, the spacing of the uprights, cables, or panels, and in some cases, the way they are installed. 

If you are working with a local contractor, they will likely know the code. However, if you are considering installing an aluminum deck railing system yourself, take a few minutes and discuss your plans with your local code enforcement officer to ensure your railing meets the code requirements. 

Contact a manufacturer to learn more about aluminum deck railing kits